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The Problem:If you’re like us, you spend several hours a day in front of a digital screen. The problem is that our eyes are not designed to be constantly exposed to the harsh blue light emitted by computer screens, phones, and television. Exposure to artificial blue light causes eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches - symptoms of digital eye strain also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. Beyond damaging the eyes, exposure to blue light at night disrupts the circadian rhythm that regulates the release of melatonin, preventing us from falling asleep and degrading sleep quality.

The Solution:Our glasses are designed to block harsh blue light, reduce your eye strain, and give you back a good night sleep. Click below to browse our selection of styles!

Our Lenses Block 90% of Blue Light and Nearly 100% of UV Light

See Proof That Our Glasses Are the Most Effective at Blocking Dangerous Blue and UV Light.

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Optomotrist Reccomended

"... I wasn’t quite sure how well that they would work in terms of, you know lessening the actual eye dryness but I went to see my optometrist last week and he said "yep these [computer glasses] are great you've got 20:15 vision" so he actually recommends that people who are in front of a computer wear these and his daughter who has perfect vision he recommended that she wear them as well. So coming from an optometrist source they are recommended. I highly recommend them and I hope you enjoy them if you get them for yourself.”


Sandra T.

"Love these glasses! When I used to wear glasses, I had the blue film added but since I've had Lasik I no longer needed glasses. I used to have daily headaches from being on a screen for 10+ hours a day. I've been using these glasses when I'm working or watching television for the last 2 weeks and I haven't had a single headache."

Rebecca W.

"Love them! After a couple weeks of wearing my new glasses, I find it hard to look at my computer screen or phone screen without them. The light seems too harsh. I know that I am doing something to protect my long-term vision and that is more than worth it for me! Think of them as sunglasses for your electronics!"

Jessica M.

I adore these. They're super chic, sturdy, and really cut down on my computer-related headaches. I've bought and returned similar glasses from several brands, and these were hands down my favorite! I love that the lenses are so clear. Unlike many "yellow" tinted computer glasses, these don't make my eyes look sick and tired. Overall, huge rave.


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Healthy Office has a limited warranty that covers manufacturer's defects for a year after the original purchase date from an authorized dealer. Basically, if the watch parts or mechanics don't work properly, and it's our fault, we will repair or replace your product for free.

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