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March 30, 2019

After Work We’re Making Nutritious Family Dinners For Only $3.33 A Plate — Here’s How

I couldn’t be happier to walk in the door when I get home from a long day at the office. I drop my bag in the foyer, beeline for my comfy sweatpants, give my partner a quick kiss hello and open up one of the many food delivery apps to find something for dinner. 

I never feel good opening those apps knowing that I’m probably going to pick what ever is fastest and still end up paying more than I’d like for food I don't really enjoy.. But after a long day at the office, who feels like finding a recipe, grocery shopping and all that hassle? 

My partner and I are constantly balancing our fast paced careers, paying bills, getting errands done, and keeping up with the chores. We treasure our dinnertime together, but with so many other responsibilities demanding our time and attention, we tend to rush our take the easy route with restaurant delivery.

Lately, we're both feeling tired of the same local thai place, pizza place or sushi we rotate through. Like I said before, I don't feel great about this weekly routine, it’s not like it’s a good idea to order in or get take out to save time — plus it’s just way too expensive these days really and unhealthy.

Enter meal kits. You’re shipped all the ingredients from veggies to meats to spices, you mix them all together, and boom, dinner. Skipping all the prep work sounded amazing, but I just assumed it was too expensive to make a normal part of our weekday routines. Plus, could food that arrives in a box really be that fresh and delicious?

My coworker told me about EveryPlate, a meal service with super-flexible plans so we can start or stop any time. Worth a shot, I thought. I took advantage of EveryPlate’s offer of 18 meals for only $3.33 each — and gave it a try for a month. The first insulated, eco-friendly box arrived, and my family simply couldn’t wait to try our Linguine with Chicken Sausage and Meatballs, Sesame Pork Rice Bowls, and Barbecue Veggie Flatbreads.

Let’s just say that we're is never going back! Here’s why:

It saves so much time

For the three days a week that we receive EveryPlate meals, we're saving a ton of money and spending more time together. Whipping together an EveryPlate meal takes around half an hour, which is significantly faster than any delivery service in my neighborhood. That frees up a ton of time to unwind from a tough day and maybe even hit the gym. Maybe. Plus, my partner and I are finally doing something together on weeknights which isn't binge watching Netflix. 

Its really easy

EveryPlate makes it really easy to cook with easy to follow recipes. You don't need to be a master chef to cook these delicious meals. We happily unpack the box that arrives fresh, on ice, at our door. The pre-measured ingredients help too because who really knows what a table spoon is?  Clean up is really easy as well, most meals only use a single pot or pan.

More productive at work

An unexpected benefit of EveryPlate is both my partner and I have found ourselves more energetic and productive at work. By cooking at home and being in control of what we eat, we not only are saving money but we can tell that we're climbing the corporate ladder faster than ever. 

We get the bang for our buck than delivery

Before EveryPlate, I was spending $40+ a night on delivery food. 2 Entrees, an appetizer, delivery and tip adds up FAST! Now for about the same cost as one night of delivery we're getting 6 delicious wholesome meals. With all this saving, that Euro vacation fund is growing faster than ever!

It’s super flexible

My favorite part of EveryPlate is that I’m not chained to a plan when I sign up. I have the freedom to pause meals and switch recipes whenever I want. That means if I I’m going out of town for business, all I do is sign in to my account and pause delivery. We can resume EveryPlate meals at any time. And the same goes for the meals selected in our plan — if we ever wants to upgrade a meal to a premium Spanish-style steak or swap out a meal for a different option, all we need to do is let EveryPlate know.

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