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May 07, 2019

Millennials Win Fight For Re-usable Deodorant Packaging

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Every morning I leave for work, I have one golden rule: I never leave the house without putting on deodorant. There is just nothing worse than lifting my arms and everyone seeing gross underarm stains on my shirt — or worse, smelling the utterly rank stench of pit sweat. I refuse to be the person known for putrid B.O.!
I have been using a popular natural deodorant for a little while now. I was tired of covering my skin in store-brand deodorant chemicals because the aluminum found in these deodorants can cause cancer and Alzheimer’s. I was stoked to switch to a brand made right here in the U.S. without any toxic chemicals or cruel animal testing. What I wasn’t so stoked about, though, was tossing out the deodorant tube every time the stick ran out.
Those plastic deodorant tubes contribute to our global trash and recycling problem. I’m one of the growing number of people around the world who are swearing off single-use plastics like straws, because nothing that humanity creates or uses should be finding its way into oceans and rivers and harming sea life. If we can ban single-use plastic straws, why can’t we do the same for single-use deodorant tubes? Even if my current deo was satisfying the part of me that does everything I can to live a lifestyle separate from the toxic substances that exist all around us, it wasn’t helping me keep my plastic footprint low.
I asked my co-worker Amanda, who’s also ditching plastics as much as she can, what she was doing about his deodorant containers. That’s when she told me about Myro, which packages its deodorant in refillable cases intended to last forever. When it comes time to toss the deodorant, Amanda keeps the tube and simply pops in a refill.


Everything Amanda told me intrigued me, so I headed to Myro’s website. There, I saw a boldly colored, unusually-shaped deodorant container that looked way cooler than anything other brands offer. I also saw what a Myro deodorant refill looks like: You could mistake it for a candle if you didn’t know better, but instead, it’s a toxin-free cylinder you put in the reusable case to keep those nasty odors at bay.
I saw an option to get started for just $10 with free shipping. I figured I’d give Myro a go — if I didn’t like what I got, I could just return it with no strings attached. I clicked the button and was asked to choose from five vibrant color options that immediately got my attention. I went with the deep blue Royal case, but not before strongly considering the first option that Myro presents, a vivid red it calls Flame. I then chose the Big Dipper scent to ensure I’d always have a daily dose of lavender in my life, though the Solar Flare’s orange and sunflower almost got me. (Myro has five scents total that appeal to both men and women.)
I placed my order for just $10 and received a package right at my doorstep just days later. When I tore the box open, I got to actually see the beauty of Myro’s deodorant case and experience the deodorant scent in person.
These days, I get a new scent pod every month because I’ve signed up for regular refill deliveries — I don’t have to click a bunch of links and buttons every time I need more deodorant. At this point, I’m a Myro customer forever — here’s why I’m no longer tied to my old toxic deo!

Myro Has Reusable Packaging and Recyclable Deodorant

I know I’ve already said it, but seriously: What other deodorant company uses only reusable packaging and recyclable deodorant? Even if I was happy with my deo’s complete lack of toxic substances, I wasn’t too thrilled about disposing of another plastic tube with each used stick of deodorant. I’d also grown tired of just tossing flaky, old deodorant in the trash. Myro lets me keep my underarms clean and odor-free without the environmental burden — that’s a true eco-friendly lifestyle!

Myro Offers Imaginative, Inspiring Scents

Look at Myro’s scent titles: Solar Flare. Big Dipper. Chill Wave. Pillow Talk. Cabin No. 5. It’s hard not to feel super at ease from just reading these titles, and all the scents are just as calming. After starting with Big Dipper, I tried Solar Flare, and I wound up loving them both far more than my previous deo more familiar scent options.

Myro’s Re-usable Packaging Colors Are Vivid And Energizing

I didn’t quite realize until I switched to Myro how much of a difference the mere color of deodorant packaging can make in a person’s everyday life. My previous deo’s tubes were mostly white, an approach that, to me, felt clinical instead of clean. With Myro, I get a stress-relieving wave of energy and a renewed feeling every time I lay eyes on the vivid blue of my Royal case. Plus, I can leave this container out in my bedroom or the bathroom without it looking messy or out of place.

Myro’s Cases Don’t Look Like Store-bought Deodorant

With my old deo and store brand deodorants, it’s not so easy to just reach my hand in my bag and find my deodorant with all my other belongings. A deodorant tube is just a curved plastic thing — it feels like a bunch of other products you might have in your bag. Myro’s case has a truly unique shape which makes it super easy to grab and go. Plus, the cap screws on super tight to avoid leaks, and the case is dishwasher safe so I can clean it between refills.
Thanks to Myro, I can go about my day confident that I smell not just great, but remarkable. When I use Myro, I know I won’t get pit stains. Best of all, I know I’m not placing a burden on the environment by reusing the normally-wasteful plastic tube. If you’re ready to try your new favorite natural, toxin-free deodorant that has fully-reusable packaging and recyclable scent pods, order and try it now!


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